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Vanguard 500 CAGR


Hypothetical 1/1/13 to 12/31/23

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​ Initial to Final Balance

$10,000 to $198,019

Vanguard 500 Initial to Final Balance

$10,000 to $40,612

Hypothetical 1/1/
13 to 12/31/23
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Vanguard 500 Sortino


Hypothetical 1/1/
13 to 12/31/23
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Vanguard 500 Alpha


Hypothetical 1/1/
13 to 12/31/23
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Value:  The live portfolio will have a higher CAGR than the S&P 500.  

Integrity:  One of the primary reasons we do this work is that we can do it with total honesty.


Transparency:  Daily performance data will always come from a live account.

Impact:  Our ESG will always be rated A by an independent third party.


We hold ourselves to a fiduciary standard.  In short, this means we put our clients before ourselves.  We encourage you to seek this standard in any service you buy.

For example: if we aren't beating the market, including our fee, then we'll shut down the portfolio.  Frankly, we'd be ashamed to take a fee without delivering excess return.  After all, you'd be better off simply replicating the market by buying VOO


We always hold at least 20 stocks.  Hold times are measured in years. We will send trade signals to you via email after the US market closes at 1600 EST.  You can enter our trades at your local open anywhere in the world.

No options.  No futures.  No forex.  No crypto.  Unlike stocks, these are zero sum markets.  You would be trading directly against the best computers and most talented traders in the world.  It is unlikely a retail trader will beat them over time.  

No upsells.  One portfolio, full access.  Flat fee: $49 USD/Month or $499 USD/Year. 


How do I know your performance is 'real'?

Unlike most services, we show you live portfolio performance from a real account in our daily blog.  Please don't subscribe to a service that doesn't give you real performance data.  It doesn't matter what they claim...if they aren't showing you live performance data (CAGR) over time, they aren't showing you useful information.  Caveat emptor: if 87% of reporting pros can't beat the market over time, what are the odds that someone is without showing a live account?

How many trades will there be?

A few each quarter, and they can be traded at the US stock market open at 930 EST.  You don't need to sit at a screen all day.

Do I need to change brokers?

No.  Any broker that gives you access to US markets is fine.

Do you place trades for me?

No.  We are providing information; what you do with it is entirely up to you.

Will I have to set up some complicated software?

No.  If you know how to trade a stock with your broker now, that and email is all the technical ability you need.

Will I make money every day, week, month, quarter, year?

No.  There will be market downturns.  Your ability to not sell during these inevitable downturns will largely determine your total return.  Please be honest with yourself: if you can't be patient through downturns you should not buy our service, but instead hire a fiduciary advisor who can be patient for you.  We recommend Vanguard.

How am I billed?

Monthly by  We will never store billing information.  

Do you sell my information to anyone?

Never.  You pay our fee - you are our only priority.

What if I have a question?

Click here.

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